Many full-time trainees received their burden to be trained by visiting for a short period of time. Short-term trainees are fully integrated into the Training classes, teams, services, and houses for the duration of their stay.

Those applicants wanting to attend the FTTL for a short-term period need to meet the following requirements:

  • Aged 18 or above
  • Sound physical and mental health
  • Recommendation from their church elders

What to Bring

  • Bible, hymnal, and note-taking materials
  • Proper attire:
    • Brothers should wear button-down shirts with a collar, a tie, and conservative pants during classes and on the Lord’s Day. Attire for gospel activities is non-denim pants and a collared shirt.
    • Sisters should wear button-down shirts with a collar and sleeves and conservative skirts (extending at least 3 inches below the knee when standing or sitting) for classes and gospel activities. Attire for the Lord’s Day may also include conservative blouses.
    • Both brothers and sisters should bring conservative exercise pants and T-shirts if they wish to exercise during recreation time.

Year-End Short-Term (YES) Training
During the spring term, FTTL provides a special spring break program for university students who are considering joining the training. This unique program offers special fellowships and classes that short-term trainees would not otherwise receive. Please visit the YES Training section for more information and to apply.

To apply:
  1. Fill out and submit the online short-term application
Short-term applications should be sent one week before the desired start date.
Short-term training accommodation and meals cost £26 per day, which could be broken down into £18 for bed and breakfast, and £4 for lunch and dinner each, per day. For short-term trainees who wish to stay in FTTL for longer than two weeks the prorated full-time monthly cost of £550 applies.