Student Fees

As Christians we should learn to first go to the Lord as the One who meets our needs. The Lord is faithful, and the supply is available to us through the Body. Many financial matters can be cared for through fellowship with the elders of your sending localities. The following are some expenses you can expect as a trainee:

Autumn 2023
Tuition fees are £173.25 per week (£2945.25 for the entire term). The fee includes rent, amenities (water, electricity, etc) and meals. This applies to all trainees in the full-time programme.

Trainees should expect to pay additional expenses for uniform, books, stationery, some fieldtrip costs, and incidental expenses of up to £150 per month (this will be less depending upon which books the student already has, uniform items already owned, etc.).

Spring 2023
Those participating in the short-term programme pay £33 per day (if staying shorter than 7 days) or £24.80 per day (after staying at least 7 days) for accommodation, amenities and meals.