EU/EEA and International Application Further Information

The Full-time Training in London (FTTL) is part of Amana Trust, a UK Christian Charity set up to run the FTTL and to distribute the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. In June 2021 Amana Trust was approved by the UK Home Office to issue sponsorship certificates for the Temporary Worker — Religious Worker visa (T5) to prospective trainees.   

Upon receiving a sponsorship certificate from Amana Trust, international applicants may apply for this visa, which allows them to enter and remain in the UK legally as a trainee for up to two years. Applicants must apply to the UK Home Office and satisfy the requirements of the local UK embassy in their home country. Please note that having a sponsorship certificate does not guarantee the approval of the Temporary Worker — Religious Worker visa (T5) but can be used to apply for one.  

Amana Trust will only issue a sponsorship certificate to international applicants whose application to FTTL has been approved.  

For more information on the Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visa (T5), please visit   

Information can be found on the site regarding:  

  • the application fee 
  • the mandatory health surcharge  
  • expected processing time 

For any questions about the visa application process, please email us at: [email protected]  

We thank the Lord for this provision and pray it will open the door for many to be trained. 

The FTTL Office

Please note: In order to maintain a good coordination with all the other training centres, we request prospective trainees from a country or region outside Europe that already has a training centre, to please fellowship with their local training brothers before applying to FTTL. In such circumstances, we will consider each application in fellowship with the training brothers from their region.