Life in the Training

By the mercy of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit, you have the opportunity to consecrate yourself for the training, choosing to give all your time to the pursuit of the truth and the service of the church. This is a serious decision. At the same time, this is a most glorious choice. In order to realise your desire, you have to go through spiritual training. Only by going through the proper training will you be perfected and moulded to become the vessel fit for the Master’s use.

Support and Shepherding

Every trainee is assigned to a gospel / shepherding group. The groups meet regularly with a specific tutor, who is responsible for the care and oversight of each trainee. In addition, the group members serve in the gospel together, and have group meetings with their gospel contacts.

All staff members are available for shepherding and counselling for personal, vocational and academic needs. They are available at all times to trainees in need.