The training has its specific goals; they are to help you to build up your character, mind, spiritual life, and knowledge of the truth. As such, there must necessarily be proper restraints. All these restraints are to help you to be disciplined in the proper direction. If you are to reap maximum benefits from the training, you must willingly submit yourself under these restrictions. If you are not willing to be restricted, the training will be of no use to you. You should know that the life of the Lord within you will supply you to meet all the outward requirements. Through these restrictions you will be led to the way of life. You must pray to the Lord that you would be able to meet all the requirements of the training, and would be brought through such obedience of the training regulations to the proper experience of life.

Some of the rules for the training are as follows:

General Rules for Trainees

  1. All trainees must consecrate themselves first to the Lord, and then to the training for the entire period of training. They must be willing to be trained and enlightened by the Lord. They must be open to receive life and grace, and must be prepared to be regulated and perfected in every way.
  2. All trainees are to follow the schedule of the training in rising, in daily activities, and in retiring.
  3. All trainees are expected to practise being filled with the Spirit at all times.
  4. All trainees are expected to have a time to pray alone every day for at least twenty minutes.
  5. All trainees should keep their living quarters neat and clean.
  6. No trainee should engage in activity alone with members of the opposite sex.
  7. Every class should be attended punctually; that is, you should be in your seat five minutes before the scheduled time. No trainee can leave early from any meeting except with prior approval. This punctuality also applies to all scheduled service activities.
  8. No trainee may be absent from any training activity. All requests for leaves of absence must be approved by the training before the absence.
  9. All trainees must take the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom in the whole inhabited earth as their goal, the leading of the ministry as their direction, and the practising of the God-ordained way as their responsibility. They must be regulated in all their conduct by these, and must agree to drop all activities not in accord with this burden for the period of the training.
  10. During the training sessions every trainee must be in the training uniform.
  11. All trainees are admonished to speak only in a manner that promotes the purpose of the training. Joking, as well as other unsanctified speaking, is discouraged (Matt. 12:36-37).
  12. No trainee is to engage in arguments or critical speaking about any person or matter.
  13. There is to be no smoking in the training.
  14. All trainees should keep a cheerful and helpful attitude at all times.