Subjects taken in the training may be divided into three categories: classes in the truth, training in service (including gospel work) and personal development (including character and life practices). Each subject is briefly described below:

The Truth

The Triune God and His Word: The first term focuses on the aspects of the truth in the Bible concerning the Trinity. The second term examines the Bible as the Word of God, and gives an overview of the contents and significance of each book of the Bible.

The Full Ministry of Christ: The three stages of Christ’s ministry to fulfil His heart’s desire are studied in detail.

Ministry Meeting: A series of messages from the recent speaking in the Full-time Training in Anaheim.

The Experience of Christ as Life  (1 & 2): The course explores and examines the deeper and practical aspects of the believer’s experience of Christ as life.

A Life of Service: This course focuses on the important matters and aspects concerning a life devoted to the service of the Lord.

The New Jerusalem:  The course explores the New Jerusalem, unveiled in the book of Revelation, as the greatest and ultimate sign in the Bible of the fulfilment of God’s eternal purpose.

God’s Economy: In it the trainees study God’s economy, His plan and administration to achieve His eternal purpose, as revealed in the various books in the Bible.

The God-ordained Way: Trainees examine the way presented by God in His word to preach the gospel, shepherd new believers, and perfect the believers to build up the church as the Body of Christ, to fulfil God’s goal. The trainees in their gospel service put principles learned in this class into practice.

The Spirit: Crucial aspects of the Spirit, the third of the Divine Trinity, are examined in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

The Body of Christ: This class develops a scriptural basis concerning the Body of Christ, examines the course of the church from the first century onward, and emphasises the intrinsic and subjective reality of living as a normal, functioning member of the Body of Christ.

Video Class: Coursework consists of videotaped lectures given by Witness Lee in the Full-time Training in Anaheim.

New Testament Greek: The course is scheduled each term according to the availability of the guest lecturer.