Life and Character

Morning Revival

Trainees spend 15 minutes per morning in personal prayer and 30 minutes in corporate prayer with other trainees.


Trainees attend prayer meetings and arrange personal times to pray.

Church Meetings

Trainees attend the meetings of the church; including group, prayer, prophesying, and Lord’s Table meetings.

Bible Reading

Trainees are required to read a portion of the New Testament every day for at least 20 minutes, in addition to their other course work.


This course, is of two parts and is given over a two-week period in two of the four terms, with a total of 28 classes of 1½ hours each. There are certain characteristics without which no one can be a satisfactory Christian worker. Some of the fundamental character traits touched in this class are: 1) is able to listen; 2) loves all mankind; 3) has a mind to suffer; 4) is diligent and not slothful; 5) is restrained in speech; 6) is stable.